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Ninja Turtles poster for the Ninja turtles exposition at Ficzone manga/comic con in Granada this weekend!
I used to like the ninja turtles a lot but not anymore I guess;; I kinda had to force myself to draw this so it’s a bit rushed, but I hope you like it!


NAME CHANGE: hellyhelly —> hellyonwhite

I have finally found the name I want to be known for everywhere! Hellyon White. Just letting you guys know it’s the same Hellyhelly as always thoughh :D

Iris from Golden Sun: The lost age version! For a GS summon contest being held on DA right now. As usual I ended up drawing it last second ahh.
Hope you like it!

Final two illustrations for the OCT!

I hope the votes go well D: this is the final round. I’d love to see my character drawn in everyone’s different styles. My opponent’s entry is really good though! So I’ll need a bit of luck I guess haha.

TIme spent on each illustration was 2 hours and 3 hours respectively… ;_; more like speedpaintings ahh.

Second illustration for the OC tournament!

Fought agains Cornelia and her scary dinosaur this time :D

I hope I win this round too and can go on even if it’s really hard to get these illustrations done within like 4 hours lol. But they’re a good way to keep me updating stuff ; v ;

Illustration I drew for an original character tournament held on Facebook!

My character is Ann, that creepy nymph on the left. I’ll upload more pics of her if I win this round and can draw more fights ; v ;


This is an illustration I drew for Fobia fanzine! Theme was phobias. I chose Somnifobia (fear of sleeping and dreams) and Atazagoraphobia (fear of being forgotten).

I wish I could sell it online but we didn’t print too many… If anyone’s interested, check out the official Tumblr for the zine here: www.fobiazine.tumblr.com and drop me a note if you’re interested in buying one!

;; I actually have more followers on the Hellysfanart account so I’m reblogging myselffff.


Hello everyone! And thank you, new followers!

I’ll be done with these semestre’s finals next week, finally, and then I’ll get back to drawing and uploading stuff.

I have read every Ask you’ve sent me and all the characters are written down! Evem the non-Fire Emblem ones. I have no idea how I’ll handle over 100 requests though LOL; but I’ll try my best not to disappoint!

Henry’s finished and I finally opened the Fire Emblem fanart blog! :D

It’ll have all these complete FE drawings, and more sketches that I won’t upload in this blog. The list of the upcoming characters will also be posted in there!

I will (HOPEFULLY) get to every single request eventually :D

Ahh sorry for last night’s random text post. That was probably my cat rolling on my keyboard;;
Here’s some MyUnit chibis before I upload Henry! T_T It’s taking long because I’m being swamped by work. Sorry!
(I’ll get to repling to all the request notes too I swear ; v ; I didn’t expec them to keep coming ahh)